Throughout our independent reading and Literature Circles, we have had a lot of choice in the books we read and the assignments we do. In addition, the characters in each of these books are shaped by the choices they make in their lives. We can see how Leo in Stargirl, Steve in Monster, the narrator in Go Ask Alice and Moose in Al Capone Does My Shirts are faced with difficult circumstances where they have to make choices to do what is right—but struggle to make these difficult decisions.

For this assignment, you and your group members are responsible for creating a project that represents your book and showcases the main character in the book—and difficult choices they must make. Through this assignment you will create your own creative representation of your character in the novel.

Part 1: Creative Representation
Through this assignment you will be able to create your own creative representationof book and the main character from your book. You will be selecting one character from the novel and will represent the book and the characters choices.

Visual Collage/Scrapbook
Using magazines/newspapers/photographs/words/etc to make a collage; you must use more than one medium (e.g., magazines and newspapers or photographs and magazines). You may create one poster of your book/character or you may create a scrapbook with any of the above, or whatever else you like, for both your book and the character. Click here to see an example.
Website/Online Journal
Make a Web page or online journal (e.g. LiveJournal, Blogger) in which you represent your book and the main character. You should have at least three pages or entries. Click here to see an example.

Use music or video to illustrate your book and the main character in your book.. You may use preexisting media or create your own to illustrate your representation. Click here to see an example.

Creative Writing
For this option, you may develop your representation through a creative piece of writing. One suggestion may include rewriting a chapter in which you write yourself in as a character. Another way to go about it may be to pretend that a character from the novel has just come to your school. How would that person be treated by your peers and your group of friends? Click here to see an example.

Part 2: Reflective/Analytical Essay
To accompany your creative piece, you must also create a 1-page essay describing your experience in being able to have many choices with your book project. For this essay, you must explain the following:
1) What choices did you make in selecting your book, Literature Circle roles, and final project?
2) Did you enjoy being able to make these choices? Why or why not?
3) What are the benefits in being able to choose what you read and do for class? Support your response.

Upload your group projects and essays here by clicking, "Edit," clicking, "File," searching for your project or essay file, and then clicking, "Upload." Be sure to click, "Save," to finish.

For group project files, save it under the name of your book (e.g., Go Ask Alice Project.doc), copy and paste the link, or embed the project directly using "Widget." For essays, save it under your name (e.g., Christina Ponzio.doc).

Al Capone Does My Shirts

Go Ask Alice