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Unit 2: Choices

Essential Question: What influences a person's choices?
Throughout the course of this unit, you will explore the overarching question, "What influences a person's choices?" through a variety of nonfiction and fiction texts using the following questions:

1) What effect do family and friends have on your choices?
2) How do your circumstances affect your choices?
3) How does society influence your choices?

In focusing on multiple expository genres, you will analyze nonfiction text features and structures and evaluate the author's purpose and effectiveness through these nonfiction texts. In addition, you will continue to develop your ability to analyze literary elements in narrative texts with a focus on personal narrative, memoir, and realistic fiction.


Elements of Nonfiction
Literature Circles


Present Tense Verbs
Past Tense Verbs
Future Tense Verbs


Persuasive Essay
This I Believe
Teen Volunteerism News Report
Choices Independent Reading Project
How-To Video