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In this class, you will learn how to use of English to interact successfully with peers and adults according to audience, purpose, and setting; grammatical conventions of English usage, particularly identification of all parts of speech and the use of verb tense to create sentences; and controlled writing activities focusing paragraph development using organizational strategies, including topic sentences and supporting details. You will also learn to focus on themes and ideas as a basis for writing, while using the stages of the writing process, from generating ideas to drafting, revising, proofreading, editing, and publishing.

This class will also focus on the following: reading with developing fluency for many purposes including literature and information texts and application of reading strategies in a variety of fiction and non-fiction genre. Finally, you will participate in regular individual reading practice.

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‍‍Course Units

peoples-masks-photo.jpgUnit 1: True Self

Throughout the course of this unit, you will explore the overarching question, "Do we find or create our true selves?" through a collection of adventure, fantasy, action, and science fiction texts using the following questions:

1) How does our appearance shape our true selves?
2) How do the categories we are placed in--or we place ourselves in--shape our true selves?
3) How do our successes and struggles shape our true selves?

In focusing on the identities of the characters in the various fiction texts encountered in this unit, you will not only be asked evaluate the development of the characters' identities, but will also be led to explore the development of your own identities.

external image glamorous_assortment_index-1.jpgUnit 2: Choices

Throughout the course of this unit, you will explore the overarching question, "What influences a person's choices?" through a variety of nonfiction and fiction texts using the following questions:

1) What effect do family and friends have on your choices?
2) How do your circumstances affect your choices?
3) How does society influence your choices?

In focusing on multiple expository genres, you will analyze nonfiction text features and structures and evaluate the author's purpose and effectiveness through these nonfiction texts. In addition, you will continue to develop your ability to analyze literary elements in narrative texts with a focus on personal narrative, memoir, and realistic fiction.

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